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Central Middlesex Hospital GP Vocational Training Scheme is a friendly West London based GP training scheme based at Central Middlesex Hospital with jobs distributed around the local hospitals.  It has a reputation for being a friendly and laid back scheme with its doctors representing a truly diverse background. 


A recurring theme with trainees both past and present is that CMH VTS is supportive to its trainees whether they are having maternity or paternity leave, less than full-time training or taking time to explore other learning opportunities.  The trainees have a strong bond with one another and foster a supportive and inclusive environment.  CMH also has the best socials which are unparalleled from other groups. 


We have weekly VTS get-togethers on a Thursday afternoon but our yearly study residential is the highlight of the learning calendar.  There is a wide range of training positions on 6 monthly rotations around the local hospitals which offer a variety of experience going into ST3.  The Program Directors bring a wealth of experience along with GP trainers who have many years of supervising. 


We all believe that the CMH VTS is probably the best scheme in the world!

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