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Programme Directors

The people behind the magic...


Dr Jamil Rahman

Jamil was appointed as Programme Director on the CMH scheme in 2008. He continues to work as a portfolio GP, GP trainer, North West London Appraisal Lead and Undergraduate Tutor at Imperial College. His educational ethos is ‘Learning can be fun for everyone’.


Dr Manish Prasad

Manish has been a Programme Director since 2008.  He is also a local GP, experienced trainer and appraiser. He was a member of the team who attempted  to break the World Record Team for the longest domino run. 


Dr Monique Aurora

Monique joined as Programme Director in 2012.  She is a GP Partner and Trainer in Hertfordshire.  She is also an appraiser and works regular Out of Hours shifts.  She was a CMH VTS trainee and enjoys that her work as a PD takes her back to her roots.   

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