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GP Portfolio

The not so fun stuff...

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What are the requirements?

The Trainee ePortfolio is where the trainee records their learning in all its forms and settings. It is designed to be an educational tool that will facilitate and record the trainee’s clinical and personal development throughout training. It is the system used to record the evidence collected through workplace based assessment (WPBA). It might be described as the ‘glue’ which holds the curriculum, learning and assessment together.

The document displayed shows the requirements for every ST stage. Please be aware, the requirements vary from year to year, and they vary from the previous requirements. The main change being the number of reflections is now 3 a month!

Click on the PDF logo to show you to the RCGP WBPA summary sheet of what you need to complete at different stages in the year.

What is the GP ePortfolio?

At the beginning of GP specialty training, after having registered with the RCGP, each trainee will be given access to the FourteenFish. The Trainee ePortfolio is accessed and updated online during the entire training programme, in both hospital and primary care posts.


The Trainee ePortfolio records details of achievement in the AKT and CSA, documents evidence of WPBA, and is used by the trainee to create a record of their learning.

Previously, "RCGP ePortfolio" was used, but in August 2020, the system migrated to FourteenFish. Much of the requirements remain the same, but there have been some updates.

Click on the FourteenFish logo to take you to the e-Portfolio.

More Questions?

RCGP have created videos on how to use the FourteenFish trainee ePortfolio - check them out to see if they answer your questions!

Stuck on how to use the different sections of the ePortfolio - click here for a comprehensive outline of each WBPA. 

Have any questions about the migration process? Click here!

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