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Out of Hours

All you need to know about the OOH requirements...

What is OOH and what do I need to do?


Satisfactory completion of the WBPA part of the MRCGP examination includes requirements to demonstrate competence in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automated External Defibrillation (AED), out of hours care and child safeguarding.


Record your out of hours sessions in the learning log within your Trainee ePortfolio. Each entry should be linked to at least one curriculum statement heading.

The out of hours supervisor will complete a session feedback sheet: you must share this with your educational supervisor as evidence of attendance. Click document titled "Download Timesheet".


It’s good practice to attach the session feedback sheet to your learning log entry – though this may not be necessary if the out of hours supervisor is also your educational supervisor (they can comment on the shared learning log entry instead).


How do I book out of hours?


In GP posts, The out of hours duty is managed by Care UK a private company contracted by primary care services to operate UCC, home visits and telephone triaging. It’s all booked online and over the three years you are aiming to be capable of independent ‘green’ practice.


You will be emailed a login at the beginning of your GP rotation. Use the username and password to book the sessions on the website:  Care UK Website

Who do I contact for queries?

As of August 2019, the RCGP produced clearer guidance for Urgent and Unscheduled Care. There is no longer a minimum hour requirement for GP trainees to attain. There is also a wider understanding of "Out Of Hours". For further guidance follow the PDF document named "Urgent & Unscheduled Care". 


Check out the RCGP Website on OOH for more information.

Still need more information? Contact Sabah Ansari:

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